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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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mexico. we're learning about the affluenza teen's arrest. get them while they're hot. where you can pick up your gear today. take a look at your tv screen right now. this is what you are going to be up against today. a live look at the top of the beltway near route 1. look at the wipers going this morning. it is going to work out, all because of a weather system shaking things up across the country. more on that in a minute. first, let's kick things off with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. on your weather headlines for today, weather alert for you here this morning, very rainy start to the day. rain should be over before lunch. it will turn into an incredibly mild afternoon, back into the 60s. we won't get to enjoy it for long, rain chances back tomorrow. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter at chuck bell 4 and our facebook page. and our nbc washington app. free to you the home viewer.
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temperatures in the 30s in the shenandoah valley, lower to mid-40setro area. that comes with rain drops. light rain now. another batch of showers down to our south and west. another round of rain here the next hour or two. rain ending around 9:00 a.m. in the shenandoah valley. before lunch time, for most of the metro area, temperatures recover a bit. in the 30s and 40s this morning. in the 50s and 60s later on this afternoon. and mild start tomorrow too, rain chances coming back. more about that in ten minutes. >> crash in silver spring. just about ready to clear it off to the side of the road. you can see the blue flashing lights on the truck there. and the crash at new hampshire avenue and adelphi road, north of the intersection on the left-hand side. stay to the right. emergency equipment on the scene. we have that crash on the right should, top side outer loop west of georgia avenue. the delays head east, one saving grace about this still being a holiday week. lighter than normal volumes of traffic. things recover a lot faster. if you're on 95, just before the
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fairfax county parkway in virginia, a crash on the right shoulder. we have blue, orange, silver line delays between francona and wheelie because of a train malfunction. the delays don't stop on the roads now. we're talking about the skies. another messy day for weather creating a messy day for travelers, specifically at this airport. chicago, the worst hit city, more than 50 cancellations already today. four new ones probably in the last hour and change. according to flight aware, american airlines is the carrier seeing the greatest number of delays and greatest number of cancellations. yesterday, thousands of flights didn't take off across the country. that's frustrating travelers today. call your carrier or check your airline app before you leave the house. 6:02. we're monitoring travel delays in our area. flight aware's ms.ry m misery md
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culver is live this morning. i hear you're seeing disappointed faces there. >> reporter: we sure are. misery map, that's a good word, a lot of folks miserable. it has been a long night for them here at reagan national airport. we started just the past 30 minutes dong a little walking here through the terminal. we caught up with some folks. look here at the video, folks can cuddling up, desperate for sleep. this guy on the luggage belt. others lying on a heat vent to stay warm. most of them have flights to or through the midwest. caught up with sarah polly. she started in richmond, drove to arlington, because she got rebooked on a flight out of reagan national and had two more flights canceled. where did you sleep? >> i haven't slept yet. just sitting here in the chairs and there has been a ton of people just sitting here and just waiting because they said that they couldn't give us a
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voucher, couldn't give us a hotel voucher. >> reporter: she was frustrated with first airline, she rebooked to another airline. she's hoping to get out of here by 11:00. i want to point your attention to the board above me. you can see one of the trouble spots, chicago, four out of five flights this morning delayed or canceled. back to you. >> david culver live for us, thank you. developing this morning, ethan couch an his mother are in custody in mexico. couch is the man who said he had affluenza, in other words, he was too wealthy to tell right from wrong when he killed four people in a drunk driving crash two years ago. texas sheriffs were searching for the 18-year-old after he missed a meeting with his probation officer weeks ago. a developing story in the district this morning. police investigating a deadly shooting in southeast. police found darnell mayfield's body on hartford street. suspect information has been released. prince george's county police are investigating a
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murder at a lanham park. the man was found stabbed to death yesterday afternoon. douglas reyes showed up at the scene last night worried it may be his disabled son who is not answering his phone. tonight, the reyes family will hold a candlelight vigil at the park. we're just learning about two terror arrests in belgium. we we're getting word that two people were arrested over the last couple of days in belgium in connection to a terror plot that could have happened on new year's. attacks targeting popular spots in brussels. we should make clear this is in no way connected to the paris attack. isis propaganda was recovered and is being investigated. at the live desk, erika gonzalez, back to you. 6:05. happening today, the chicago police officer charged with the deadly shooting of a black teenager is expected to enter a plea. jason van dyke is charged with murder of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald's death. he died last year.
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dash cam video showed the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times. the video contradicted police officer reports from the night of the shooting that said mcdonald lunged at the officers. new details also in the officer involved shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. there will not be any charges against the officers involved. rice is the cleveland boy who police shot after mistaking his pellet gun for a deadly weapon. a grand jury says there is indisputable evidence that the boy was drawing what looked look a pivotal from his waistband before officers opened fire. tamir's family says it is sad, but not surprised by the decision. a close call during president obama's vacation in hawaii. the secret service says the man flew near the president's motorcade -- flew a drone, i believe it was. you can see agents questioning the man here. he says he had no idea the president was there. the man was not charged with anything and the motorcade moved on. grab the umbrella.
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give yourself extra time. if you're traveling this morning, david culver showed us some delays people are seeing at airports across the country. will you see any of those on the roads? chuck bell will let us know at 6:11. new details, a group slammed fairfax county schools with a lawsuit. what supporters plan to do after adding certain words to district policy. it was a position created after that deadly smoke incident at lanfant plaza. why are they scrambling to ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love.
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during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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fairfax group that supports lgbt students, staff and their families is organizing meetings in the county for people who oppose a policy.
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they say the policy protects students and teachers who identify as lgbt. two groups filed lawsuits against the board for the policy change. we're in weather alert mode for you this morning. easy for me to say at 6:11. traveling conditions, leave early or risk being late. traveling up and down i-95 from new york city to the carolinas, it will be raining long the interstate. and air travel may be some significant delays, especially if your plane is going to or coming from chicago, new york, philadelphia, or boston. inclement weather is quite the issue there. rain coming to an end, another shot of rain coming our way in a next little bit. we'll make it into the 60s this afternoon. seven day forecast in ten minutes. here is kim mccormick. crash on 95 before the fairfax county parkway.
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it was cleared but a little delay as you approach the scene. 66 moving to and from the beltway, no reports of any problems. delays on blue and silver line between francona and wheelie. several new details in a deadly officer involved shooting in chicago. what the mayor is cutting short in the lawsuit one victim's family plans. we told you d.c. officials are considering upping the fines, but do you mind as much if your taxes go down? why passengers at reagan national airport are uber excited.
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. new word from the world health organization, guinea has been declared ebola free. the u.n. organization will hold a ceremony today to mark the step forward for the african country. if you remember, the worst ebola outbreak in history started there two years ago. back to you. this is a storm team 4
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weather alert. >> it is just about 6:16 now. if you have not downloaded the nbc washington app just yet, today is the day you'll want to do that. look at all the rain pushing through our region at this hour. it is going to be a rough morning for most people in the area. but will we dry out for weekend? chuck bell has the answer to that at 6:21. we'll still working to learn what caused a track fire last night. smoke filled the station forcing passengers to evacuate the platform. metro says the fire erupted on the track. the station is back open this morning. also happening on metro, a position designed to keep you safe during smoke emergencies on metro. it could disappear. the transit agency says funding could run out in early spring. the firefighter position within metro is designed to improve communication between the agency and fire crews responding to an emergency. it was created after january's
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deadly smoke emergency near the lanfant plaza. officials will meet to discuss possible funding to keep the position in place. the man convicted of stabbing two people near a metro station in montgomery county will be sentenced. reginald cooper faces up to 60 years inttacked two men at a bu stop. both victims survived. a busy intersection is back open after a deadly accident. an suv hit a bicyclist around 7:30 last night. you can see the bike still unstuck under the suv. that driver is okay. montgomery county police say that 19-year-old frank powers was on that bike. he died at the hospital. my mom was so scared of my oldest son, 15, to get shot by the police officers. but who gets -- who gets shot and killed? her. >> this morning we're hearing from the children of a 55-year-old chicago woman accidentally killed by police in a shooting.
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bettie jones' kids says this feels look a bad dream and we're also learning that the father of the other man killed in that shooting has sued the city. antonio legrier filed a wrongful death suit on saturday. police officers shot and killed 19-year-old quintonio legrier as they responded to a domestic situation. the family says the college student suffered from a mental illness, but was not violent. police say he was combative. bettie jones lived upstairs and was hit by gunfire as she opened the front door. >> i lose my mom for answering the front door. >> i feel like i want to wake up and have my mom say it is a dream. but i can't, she's gone. >> rahm emanuel cut short his family vacation to cuba to come back and deal with the aftermath of the shooting. could higher speeding fines in the district lead to lower taxes? regulators here in d.c. want higher fines for drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by more than 25 miles per hour.
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in 2014, the d.c. council passed a schedule of cuts that would go into effect as revenue climbs. mayor bowser's administration approved the fines as part of the zero vision plans to eliminate pedestrian deaths in the nation's capital. it would increase some fines significantly including an increase from $300 to $1,000 for some driving offenses. a designated area for uber to park before it picks you up at the airport is costing you more money. there is a $4 airport surcharge every time you use one of those ride sharing services. that's whether you're being dropped off or picked up at reagan national and douglau dul. the convenience they say is worth the extra fee. >> the seats are nice and big, so i'm in the complanot complai >> cab company cans complained about the new privileges for uber and lyft drivers. we have a ranee start rain
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tuesday. i'm hoping it will dry out quickly. >> chuck bell in the weather center. >> the rain should be done before lunch time today. that's welcome news. we're in weather alert mode for the remainder of the morning shows and rain likely to continue through 9:00 or 10:00 this morning at least, maybe a little longer in southern maryland. deep puddle on the roadways and travel delays likely for you first thing this morning. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter. or our nbc washington app. last wave of rain near charlotte moving into the area around three hours from now, in here between 9:00 and 9:030. we should be mild with a little clearing later on this afternoon. temperatures back in the 660s later today. here is future weather. last wave of rain showers between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. then after 10:00, 11:00, things start to dry out just a bit.
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staying cloudy through lunch time. but once we get past 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon, things should clear out nicely. it is a cold and wet start this morning. 30s in the shenandoah valley. 40s around town. planning out your day, hour by hour, rain early, clearing out, drying out, turning mild by later today. tomorrow is the mirror image. mild and dry tomorrow. rain chances move in for the second part of your wednesday afternoon. but the good news is we should be able to get all that out of here in time for your new year's eve celebrations coming up on thursday. right around midnight, temperatures down near 40 degrees. and look at that weekend, sunshine, cold sunshine, temperatures in the 40s for saturday and sunday. another check of the radar and the four things you need to know at 6:31. here is kim mccormick. problems on the top side of the beltway, looking live at the inner and outer loop west of connecticut avenue. there is reports of a crash on the inner loop of the beltway between 355 and conneicut. the inner loop is the taillights you see there.
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be careful as you make your way through the area. reports of a crash northbound i-295 in the district. on the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge. those are particularly slippery. so be careful as you make your way through that area. if you are traveling on to 70 or the beltway, make your way to -- or 95 to the beltway in maryland, things fairly nice for you. no significant issues now. when you get in your car, tune into wtop to get traffic updates on the 8s. my scoutmaster went into a cave and the bear is in the cave with him. >> can't get out because of where the bear or is too injure ed? >> i think the bear is on top of him. >> we're hearing the terrifying calls boy scouts made had they realized their leader was attacked by a bear. we first told you how christopher came face to face with the bear in new jersey in a forest last week. the securities ran out of the cave and they called 911. they used food to try to lure the bear out. he managed to call 911 from
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inside the cave. >> 911, where is the emergency? >> split rock reservoir blue trail, i was mauled by a bear. >> where are you bleeding? >> left arm, left leg, neck, and head. i'm getting cold pretty quick. >> scary stuff. scouts also made a fire. these kid s are smart. they made a fire to alert first responders to their location. he's going to be okay and have an incredible story to tell. >> wow. 6:23. developments now in that search for a missing country singer, 29-year-old craig strickland was declared missing after authorities found had his friend dead. he's the lead singer of back road anthem. strickland and his friend went on a duck hunting trip north of tulsa. oklahoma officials tell e news they found his friend's body yesterday. today, the secretary of homeland security will speak at a police graduation ceremony in new york city.
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just a few hours, jeh johnson will speak to the newly sworn in graduates. he expects to congratulate 1,000 new officers. in news for your health, faster care for those having a heart attack may save lives. researchers at mount sinai school of medicine say they studied more than 2,000 heart attack patients. patients who took more than two hours from the onset of symptoms to being treated were less likely to have restored blood flow to the heart than those treated more quickly. new drug may help those suffering with a serious head injury. first responders are testing a new drug they call it. it xa. the plan is to use it on patients suffering with serious head trauma, such as those involved in bad car accidents. >> this drug hopefully will allow us to get ahead of the game as far as the bleeding in the brain. >> doctors say the drug stabilizes a blood clot in cases of trauma. they also say the drug has little or no side effects.
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fans are excited to be headed pack to the playoffs. >> i can't wait. i can't wait. i can't wait. i was so happy that they got in the playoffs. i was, like, oh! >> the team is ready to cash in on all that excitement too. starting today, redskins stores, dick's and modell will start selling official champions gear. >> you can feel it. you can feel it. 6:25 now. the makers of fit bit had a merry christmas. the company was the most downloaded on apple's app store on christmas day, people cannot wait to set up their new wristband after unwrapping it. the fit bit app ranked at number 18 on christmas day. i know a few people that got one. >> yeah? big deal. today it is going to look like new year's eve in times square with the annual confetti test today in preparation for thursday. this is video of last year with
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the cast making the drop. officials say 3,000 pounds of confetti will be released when clock strikes midnight. in all that confetti we'll see this year, there will be pieces of handwritten wishes from people -- >> also a collection of things that people want to get rid of. >> mixing them all together. want to let you know today is a weather alert day. you're definitely going to need the wipers on your morning drive. chuck says tomorrow could look a lot like today, mirror image. that's next. bikers shut down the beltway. straight ahead, the video as we -- as well as what police want you to do if you get stuck in the mess. it is something a lot of you do this time of yar. donate to charity. why do some want your social security number? what you need to know before you give.
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this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> now it is 6:30. a storm that hit several parts of the country makes its way na
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our area. >> take a look at storm team 4 radar and the rain just pounding our region now. it is raining pretty hard in some spots. chuck says we could see the same thing tomorrow. what is the latest, chuck? >> four things you need to know about the weather before you go out the door this morning. we're in weather alert mode because of all of the moderate rain overnight, deep puddles on the local roadways. mild weather here, we'll be in the 60s again today. don't get used to the nice weather coming back because another rain chance moves in tomorrow. looks like the new year starts off with a whole new pattern. cold weather pattern at that. storm team 4 radar, break in the action around the metro. one more wave of rain down to our south and west. that will be here over the next three to four hours. take your rain gear with you. reduced visibility could slow air travel as well. temperatures, warm coat, 30s and 40s now. we'll climb into the low 60s later today with little bit of sunshine coming your way. new year's eve forecast in ten minutes. kim mccormick in traffic now. >> cleaning up a crash in silver
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spring. you can see the left side of the road is blocked here, stay to the right. northbound is where the headlights are and that's moving fine. inaner loop, you'll find the crash blocking two left lanes, two right get by and solid delays on the closer to the right-hand side of your screen that is the result. stacking back up toward i-270. and we have red line delays. new video of a major mess on the beltway. you may have been stuck in this yourself. a group of at least 100 dirt bike and atv riders took over the highway during the busy holiday travel weekend. the disruptions were on the inner loop in prince george's county on i-295 and u.s. 50. motorcyclists drove the wrong way and even brought traffic to a stand still sunday afternoon. maryland state police say they have this video and they are looking into this. prince george's county police say jerome odom is the man who died when an suv hit his atv
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sunday night. his stepdaughter was on that atv and is seriously hurt. neither of them was wearing a helmet. it is illegal to ride atvs on county maintained roads like the one where this accident happened in capital heights. 6:32. we're learning what led up to a deadly shooting in germantown earlier this month. robert king was found shot to death on december 16th. montgomery county police say he was doing a drug deal with another man had they got into an argument and pulled guns and fired. both were hit. today a prince george's county church is in court hoping to avoid eviction. the new horizon christian faith church in mount rainier received an eviction notice days before christmas. the church admits it is behind its rent payment but say they have made some major improvements to the church over the past 13 years and made regular payments in the past few
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months. a new pilot program in loudoun county aims to prevent heroin overdoses. 31 deputies trained to use a new nasal form of narcan. it can be a life saving tool when seconds count. the test program will run in the western part of the county. a delay for the officers on trial in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors filed new motions because of them the judge pushed back officer caesar goodson's trial to january 11th instead of the 6th. goodson faces murder charges, the most serious of all six of the officers involved. gray died after investigators say he received a neck injury in the back of a police van that goodson was driving. a father and son team is trying to make sure police are trained to help people in mental health crisis. the majority of officers here are not trained for them a.
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>> these people are in the midst of a mental breakdown. they're not -- they're people like my son, they're not hard core criminals. they're people who are sick and deserve compassion and help. >> montgomery county officer scott davis oversees crisis intervention training. he says he knows it is working officers just -- it is working but officers need more of this kind of training. last year montgomery county police responded to nearly 6,000 calls involving someone with a mental health issue. 6:34 your time now. you could soon start to see new signs of new bus only lanes in articlen to. officials say the lanes should be open in the spring. part of the crystal city potomac yard transit way, five mile route connecting the crystal city and braddock road metro stations. the washington post reports crews will install shelters, roof decks and real time information displays at seven stations in the next few weeks. a new proposal by the irs could hurt charities and other
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nonprofit organizations. a proposed irs rule would have nonprofits collect social security numbers with any donation that is more than $250. charities say that could be a potential book keeping nightmare. they also say it may discourage donors from giving. >> look at what goes on around with hackers and what happened in for profit companies and what happens in the federal government. there is so much paperwork already. >> the irs says the proposal would be voluntary if it does go into effect. you can follow storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell on twitter because it is a weather alert day had here at news 4. chuck will tweet out any information that could impact your day weatherwise. but can we expect rain on new year's eve? the answer to that at 6:41. changes one local lawmaker wants to make to sex offender registries that could keep important information out of some people's hands. the time is 6:35.
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6:40. an suv crashed into a store in new york and it was all caught on camera. you see it here. the 88-year-old woman driving was pulling in a parking space when she hit the gas instead of the brake. that sent her over the curb and right through that glass window. the car hit a man who was standing inside, just walked into the store. he's going to be okay, though. >> also amazing me when everybody is okay when something like that happens. if you're planning on hitting the road early, you may be in for a slower commute. >> live look of the picture over reagan national airport. we see the rain coming down, fogginess out there too. >> you bet. ugly morning outside this morning. leave early or be late. weather will slow things down here early this morning, up to about noon time or so. by later this afternoon, drying out, turning mild, nice and dry, if you have plans to be outside this evening, job well done picking which evening to go out. that batch of rain, southern
6:40 am
fauquier county and charlotte, that's coming down now. the heaviest rain came to an end. early this afternoon, southern maryland, the rain will be over. temperatures once we get the rain stopped will easily bounce back up into the 60s today. and if you're already thinking about where you're going to be at midnight, new year's eve, wherever you're go to be, have a jacket ready to go. chilly but will be dry to start out the new year. how long we stay dry into 2016 is coming up in seven day forecast at 6:51. crash on the top side of the beltway, inner loop just past 355, connecticut avenue, traffic on the beltway itself is stacked up, back to old georgetown. you'll find delays off of southbound to 270 to join the beltway. hopefully we get that cleared out. left side blocked. northbound i-295 ramp, you got a crash on the left side, that's causing you some delays. and there is a crash on the outbound 14th street bridge and you got delays pretty much stacked up back toward the third
6:41 am
street tunnel on the westbound side of the southeast freeway. that will cause some issues for you. make sure you're aware and be careful when you head out the door. 2015 is almost over. but decision 2016 is just ramping up. where the candidates are stumping today and why donald trump says one of his competitors spouses is fair game. too close for comfort. what can came too close to the president's motorcade.
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good morning, everybody. weather alert for the next little bit because of all of the moderate rain overnight last night. it will continue to slow travel locally and traveling up the northeast corridor, new york city, or boston, big troubles going that way. complete check of the seven day forecast at 6:51. inner and outer loop of the beltway, full report on that coming up next. we're here in andover, mass. the snow is coming down. more of a wintry mix if you will. you can see by my hands that the sleet is coming down. and, of course, this is not going to be all day. it is going to end for the
6:45 am
morning commute. and then we go into the afternoon. we're going to have wind and rain and then the evening, all of it should leave. if you look had behind me this is what the travel conditions are in the roadways in andover, massachusetts. we're about an hour north of boston, so you guys down in washington, d.c., you're wondering what does snow look like anymore. here is a good look. busy intersection. this area, this is route 28, it will lead out to route 93, which will take you to boston. so i want to step out in front of the camera, look at the roadways here. it is a wintry mix, we got the sleet and the freezing rain which will happen in addition to the snow and the roadways. well, they're slick, slippery. massachusetts state police, they're reporting a bunch of crashes throughout the state. that's the same over in new hampshire as well. and you have to take it slow. good thing about here in the town of andover, and much of the state in the entire southern new england, school is out. the public works department can do what they can, they can clear the roads, they can clear the intersection, they can spread
6:46 am
the salt when need be so nobody will be in the way and, you know they can clear the roads and everybody will have a safe and protected commute, god willing. if you see now what is going on behind me, a lot of snow, a lot of wintry mix, a lot of sleet, but this will move out of the way during lunch when it turns to rain and it will turn to wind and then the dinner time, all out of here. back to you. >> weather channel's reagan methy fmeth medgie for us, thank you. david culver will have an update from reagan national. 6:46. now to decision 2016, presidential candidate donald trump is back on the campaign trail after the holidays. hallie jackson has more on who he's taking aim at now. >> the other interesting part of our night here in new hampshire last night, he's hitting hard a new hampshire newspaper, the union leader, that came out with this blistering editorialing
6:47 am
comparining donald trump to bif the bully from "back to the future." we have been talking about donald trump going after bill clinton, particularly on line these last few days since christmas. trump did not mention bill clinton during his rally, but did tweet about clinton overnight after news that bill, the former president, will get on a campaign trail next week to campaign for his wife trump slamming tit. two presidential candidates are among some of the world's most admired people. but president obama took top honors for the annual gallup poll named the most admired man. democratic front-runner hillary clinton topped the list of most admired women for the 14th
6:48 am
straight year. and in second place, republican front-runner donald trump tied with pope francis. following developments out of mexico this morning. police say that ethan couch and his mother are in custody right now near puerto vallarta. he is the man who said he had influenza. he claimed he was too wealthy not influenza, affluenza, too wealthy to tell right from wronwron wrong. happening today, the chicago police officer charged with a deadly shooting of a black teenager is expected to enter a plea. jason van dyke is charged with murder in 17-year-old laquan mcdonald's death. the teen died last year. dash cam video released last month showed the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times. the video contradicted police reports from the night of the shooting that said mcdonald
6:49 am
lunged at the officer. new details after a grand jury said it will not indict the officers involved in the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. we have learned that cleveland and the police department will go forward with an administrative review. this could carry punishment for the officers. at least one of them shot and killed rice last november after mistaking his pellet gun for a deadly weapon. a developing story in the district. d.c. police investigating a shooting in southeast. police found darnell mayfield's body on hardford street last night. no suspect information released at this point. prince george's county police investigating a murder at a park in lanham. the man was found stabbed to death behind gaywood elementary school. douglas reyes showed up at the scene last night worried it may be his disabled son who hasn't been answering his phone. tonight, the reyes family will hold a candlelight vigil at the park. it is not even 7:00 a.m. and
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already it is a rough day for travelers, especially up and down the east coast. you've been listening to chuck all morning talk about the storms, that rain from the south. it is causing major delays and cancellations at airports. we have been checking flight aware all morning. chicago, now at 55 cancellations. dallas at 22. some of those storms are moving east. so stay close to your phone for travel updates which we are following. 6:50 now. and two live looks of the travel delays in our area. flight away misery map shows the troubles that continue to stack up. david culver is live at reagan national seeing disappointed faces at terminal and people sleeping in interesting places. >> reporter: a lot of misery. yeah. the folks here, they're looking at the board trying to figure out if their flight is on time. and if you look at it here, you can see chicago map in particular, this screen, you've
6:51 am
got four out of the five flights, they are canceled. one of them, delayed. issues getting to chicago. we also caught up with folks who were cuddling up, desperate for sleep. this guy even on the luggage belt trying to get some zs in. others on a heat vent trying to stay warm. sarah got rebooked on a flight out of reagan national only to have two more flights canceled. >> we're, like, can you get us to texas? if you can't get us to dallas, get us to austin or san antonio or houston. those are close cities to where i'm trying to go and still can't get us there. >> she's decided to switch airlines. she's so frustrated, hoping to fly out at 11:00 this morning. want to turn to chuck bell. david talking about delays.
6:52 am
a lot of rain to deal with, traffic. >> the big storm that caused the severe weather and blizzard in west texas is bringing us the rain late last night and this morning. that storm turns into a monster in the north atlantic and temperatures at the north pole up to near the freezing mark. that will be almost 50 degrees above normal at the north pole. and if you're flying to europe, you'll arrive early, friends from europe to the states, they're going to be delayed because of incredibly strong jet stream winds over the atlantic. what you do expect for today, a slow go this morning. wet roads, low visibility and ugly start to your day. rain is over before noon and it will be ami mild day today. i-95 north or south, rain from new york city to the carolinas, delays are easing on air travel, but a lot of displaced travelers, so it will take a while. there is the rain and snow mix in new york and new england now. this will keep things slowed down up the northeast corridor for later on today. locally, break in the action for now, couple more showers well
6:53 am
down to our south and west. here is our future weather model. updated hourly and the new update shows this. rain showers pulling out of here, a little earlier now. i got in, five or six runs ago, carried the rain up to noon time. now it looks like all the rain will be done before noon, will break out to a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. that will put temperatures in the 60s. warm coat this morning, 30s and 40s with the rain drops this morning. so layer up early on. by later today, temperatures will get back into the 60s and seven day forecast is a mild one for today, another chance for rain tomorrow. new year's eve and new year's day will be dry. but starting new year's day, a new weather pattern that will look and feel like january. temperatures in the 40s for highs. that will feel cold by comparison to how mild we have been. traffic time, here is kim mccormick. >> crashes on the top side of the beltway, inner loop, outer loop after connecticut avenue, it is going to cause you a little bit of a consternation as you head out this morning.
6:54 am
crash in silver spring, new hampshire avenue, adelphi, left side blocked, get by on the right. outbound 14th street bridge, crash on left and right side. northbound i-295, ramp. crash on the left side and we have red line delays, single-tracking betweener er f glen and wheaton. another taliban attack. this one in pakistan, a suicide bomber blows himself up. kills 22 people and injures 45 others in an attack early this morning. several people in critical condition. this happened outside a government office in mardona. a breakaway taliban group quickly claiming responsibility for this. back to you. a state senator in virginia wants to exclude the name and address of employers linked to reg streistered sex offenders. howell's bill would remove employer information from the part of the online system that
6:55 am
is available to the public right now. she says it would help offenders to get and keep a job after they have served their time. the secret service says the situation involving a drone and president's motorcade is over. president obama on vacation in hawaii now. according to the secret service, a man buzzed the motorcade with his drone while you were sleeping last night when he was questioned, the man said he didn't know the president was there. he was not arrested or charged with anything. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. whole foods is paying $500,000 to new york city to settle allegations it overcharged customers for prepackaged food. in june, city officials found items were mislabeled. they will conduct quarterly audits to ensure products are probably weighed and marked. whole foods gained a reputation for high prices and -- i'm landon dowdy. 6:56. here are four things to know
6:56 am
today. the chicago police officer charged with shootinging a black teenager is expected to enter a plea. jason van dyke charged with murder in laquan mcdonald's death last year. ethan couch and his mother are in custody. couch said he was too wealthy to tell right from wrong when he killed can four people in a drunk driving crash. a man flew a drone near the president's motorcade in hawaii. he told agents he had no idea the president was there. the same system bringing us rain is causing dozens of flight delays and cancellations. we had had them at our local airports. check your flight and the forecast. planning on new year's eve, chilly but dry at midnight. we'll ring in the new year with a new pattern. mild and rainy, but cold and dry and sunny just in time for the first weekend of january, 2016. we'll crush the record for the mildest december on record. probably 5 1/2 degrees warmer than the second warmest december on record. that is crazy stuff.
6:57 am
>> does that mean we'll be slammed in february? >> let's hope so. >> snow lovers, i'm on your side. >> you want to see a grown man cry on tv? >> i'll be there with the tissue box too. that is the broadcast this morning. folks. appreciate you waking up with us. >> today is the perfect i didda download the nbc 4 app. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. winter's here. snow and ice slamming the northeast right now making a mess of the morning commute as the deadly storm that's hammered other parts of the country moves east and nearly 40 million americans wake up to their fst real taste of the season. breaking overnight, captured. the so-called affluenza teen missing for several weeks after breaking his probation detained in mexico along with his mother. his hair dyed black. both now facing possible time behind bars. this morning how investigators caught up it with them. not backing down. on the heels of the documenta


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